The Perfect Marriage of Sound and Atmosphere.


The music venues in FRANCONIA’S CITIES range from royal residences to industrial halls. Their variety is a perfect match for the plethora of musical programs offered that range from classical to pop, and from folk music to Caribbean rhythms.

Every year, world-famous ensembles, lively festivals, and new musical discoveries mesmerize visitors to Franconia’s music events. The concert venues are just as first-class as are the performers. There are concert halls, opera houses, large churches, and elegant residences. But music in FRANCONIA’S CITIES also can be enjoyed at factory halls, repurposed swimming pools, or in old towns that turn into one big musical party.

Green Hills and Rio in Franconia

Fürth is known for embracing musical novelties with its concert series “PASSAGEN.” But the rest of FRANCONIA’S CITIES is very progressive as well when it comes to music. Würzburg for example hosts African music stars during the annual “Africa Festival.” Coburg gets transformed into a Rio de Franconia during its “Samba Festival,” and in Aschaffenburg residents dance to Caribbean rhythms.

Musical Virtuosity

Every year, the absolute highlight for classical music fans is the music festival in Bayreuth. But there are also many outstanding musical offerings away from the “Green Hill.” Franconia is home to three well-respected symphonic orchestras: the Bamberg Symphony, the Nuremberg Symphony, and the “Staatsphilharmonie.” These ensembles routinely fill entire concert halls, but they also like to perform at less predictable locations. One such occasion is the annual “Klassik-Open-Air” festival at the Luitpoldhain Park in Nuremberg where classical music fans as well as the justcurious enjoy their music in lawn chairs or on picnic blankets. Music fans in Franconia love outdoor events during the summer months. City festivals that fill entire old towns with music and people are a popular institution, as in Kulmbach and Ansbach. In Dinkelsbühl, it’s the boys’ choir in their colorful Rococoera uniforms that touches the hearts of the music goers.

Autumn Means Jazz

Fall in Franconia is the time for jazz festivals, such as the “Jazzvariationen” in Fürth in October and the “Jazz-November” in Bayreuth. Concert venues include historical churches, such as the Eichstätt Dome or the Saint Jacob’s Church in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. It is a tradition in FRANCONIA’S CITIES to match the wide variety of musical experiences with outstanding, complementary venues. The architecture and ambiance of these venues create an unforgettable setting for the musical experiences. Case in point, the concerts at the Würzburg Residenz Castle and in the magnificent mirror hall of the Eichstätt Residenz.

Music, Magic, Art and Sound

Franconia turns musical events into feasts for the eyes as well as ears. Wherever you see an event titled “Music Magic in Franconia” you can expect a concert of exceptional quality and in a magnificent setting. The standards are high and in order to achieve the designation “Music Magic in Franconia” the concerts have to offer both: great music and an exceptional venue. Thankfully, FRANCONIA’S CITIES are endowed with a rich architectural heritage as well as a lively music scene. So there are many opportunities for you to feast your eyes and ears at these designated events. But Franconia’s countryside and small towns also offer truly unique concert venues, such as castles and fortresses. The “Music Magic in Franconia” events run the gamut from rediscovered music heritage to contemporary works, from operas to music theatre, from folk music to blues and jazz.