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Franconia is a great place for a vacation. There are wide open natural spaces, romantic towns and historical cities, health spas and resorts. Franconia is a region for the active visitor. Physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing are all catered to, as is your interest in experiencing history. Franconia‘s towns and villages offer special cultural, architectural, and culinary highlights.

Located in the heart of Germany and all of Europe, Franconia rose to become the early center of the Holy Roman Empire of German Nations. Franconia is still situated in the geographical center of Europe, North of the Danube River and with the Main River flowing right through it. Natural beauty and variety are two of the hallmarks of the region: The scenery alternates from fascinating natural landscapes to attractive vacation spots. And in the middle of the beautiful countryside, there are romantic towns – witnesses of former glory and cultural excellence.

The former free cities Dinkelsbühl, NurembergRothenburg ob der Tauber and Schweinfurt, for example, still impress with their historical background. Glorious buildings stand as witnesses of civic pride and self-confidence – and the desire for independence. The former royal seats Ansbach, Bayreuth, Coburg and Kulmbach show off their aristocratic heritage with magnificent art and architecture, and they let you relive the noblesse of the good old days at a historical wedding. Pomp and circumstance is also impressive at the Episcopal towns of Aschaffenburg, Bamberg, Eichstätt, and Würzburg. The spiritual and secular masters of the past showcased their pride and leadership by erecting magnificent buildings. Erlangen and Fürth, on the other hand, impress with their lively culture and charming atmosphere.

Discover Franconia from its most hospitable side: Exciting events, cultural highlights, and enjoyable adventures. Franconia and its towns are very attractive travel destinations because it is especially fun to enjoy life here. Have fun discovering.