A Good Catch


The area around Dinkelsbühl has more ponds and lakes than any other region in Bavaria. So you can expect on your plates the very things that thrive in these bodies of water.

Every year in the fall, the Fish Harvest Week is a time for local cooks to transform the catch of the day, whether it is carp, perch, pike, or tench, into a classic Franconian dish or into something unique like a carp filet or carp sushi. Good food in Dinkelsbühl does not exclusively come from the water, however. Dinkelsbühl is also known for its lamb dishes. The “Hesselberger Lamb” comes from sheep that graze the juniper meadows alongside the Hesselberg outside of town, the meat of which is prized for its tenderness. Another local treat is the Dinkelsbühl cinnamon roll, a delicious raisin-filled pastry.

Home of Good Beer

Dinkelsbühl was featured in Focus magazine (7/2014) as Germany’s most beautiful old town. The town also offers a trio of breweries known for producing great stuff fresh from the tap.

The “Weib’s Brauhaus” is located in the center of town. It is the only brewery inn in town that is situated directly on the Romantic Route. Aside from their legendary hospitality and good beers, they also offer brewery tours. The largest and oldest brewery in Dinkelsbühl is the “Hauf-Bier.” During the “Kinderzeche” beer festival their “Heimat-Bier” is being served everywhere. Much younger is the “Stefansbräu” brewery. It is known for its delicious beers as well as a unique beer brandy.

Culinary Events in Dinkelsbühl (1 matches)

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    Culinary events



    October 26th, 2018 - November 4th, 2018

    Die Weiher und Flussläufe um Dinklesbühl bieten seit Jahrhunderten ideale Voraussetzungen für die Fischzucht. Während der Fisch-Erntewoche findet ein buntes Programm zum Thema "Fisch" statt.
    91550 Dinkelsbühl
    Tel.: +49 9851/90240