Connecting City and Nature

Active City Explorations for Bicyclists.


In Franconia, bicyclists have the best of both worlds: Relaxed city touring interspersed with leisurely pedaling on excellent bike routes, alongside rivers, with outstanding services along the way.

Franconia is a cyclist’s paradise. The bike routes are some of the best and they offer everything anybody might wish for. For example, take the “MainRadweg” that connects FRANCONIA’S CITIES via well-marked bike trails that take the visitor through mesmerizing landscapes. And every town along the way has much to offer as well.

Ride from Town to Town and Relax along the Way

The cycle of beautiful nature followed by lively towns followed by beautiful nature is one reason Franconia is such a popular bicycling destination. Most bike routes through Franconia follow rivers and streams and are therefore without much elevation change and suitable for the vast majority of riders.

The quintessential bike route is the “MainRadweg.” It follows the Main River from its two springs to its confluence with the Rhine. Along the way, there are many amazing towns: Kulmbach, Bayreuth, Bamberg, Schweinfurt, Würzburg, and Aschaffenburg. The “Lovely Tauber Valley - The Classic” bike trail has Rothenburg ob der Tauber as its worthy destination. The “Lovely Tauber Valley” trail is part of the “Tauber Altmühl Radweg.” The other part, the “Altmühltal Radweg,” takes riders through the baroque city of Eichstätt. The picturesque town of Dinkelsbühl is a destination along the “Romantische Strasse” bicycle route. Anybody interested in reaching Ansbach or Coburg by bicycle can take the bicycle route “Burgen-Strasse.” This route takes cyclists on quiet country roads and from one cultural highlight to the next. You get to visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the margravial residence in Ansbach, Nuremberg, Bamberg, the Veste Coburg, Kulmbach and Bayreuth. If you are more interested in ponds, fresh carp and fresh beer at abeer garden, then you should check out the “Aischtal Radweg.” Another superb route for travelers interested in exploring FRANCONIA’S CITIES is the ‘Regnitz Radweg.” This route follows the rivers Regnitz and Pegnitz and then the Main-Danube Canal. Cities along the way include Nuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen and Bamberg. The city region Nuremberg has evolved into a very bicycle-friendly community and you can pedal through the metro area as well as downtown with ease.

City Tours on Two Wheels

FRANCONIA’S CITIES welcome visitors with outstanding services for cyclists. Fürth offers a city map for bicyclists. In Kulmbach, Schweinfurt, and Würzburg bicycle lock boxes and valet bike parking with baggage storage options make stopovers a breeze. In Bamberg, Erlangen, and Fürth, you don’t even have to get off your bike to explore town. Guided city tours on two wheels are part of the attraction here. Nuremberg also invites you to explore town on two wheels. Throughout the city, there are bike rental stations for “Noris-Bikes.” All it takes is a simple registration process that can be completed on site or ahead of time by phone or over the internet. You can return your rental bike at any of the rental locations throughout town, wherever is most convenient for you.

Bicyclists Welcomed

Bicyclists are also welcomed at many inns in FRANCONIA’S CITIES. There is no shortage of hosts who have gone through the trouble of having their lodge certified as “Bett+Bike” lodging and are going out of their way to accommodate bicyclists. Look for locked bicycle parking, tools for repairs, and a big breakfast to start your day. Public opinion polls confirm that Franconia is tops when it comes to services for bicyclists. Not surprisingly, Franconia is the perennial favorite among bicycle-touring destinations in all of Germanys.

Bicycle Tours with a Little Help

Discovering FRANCONIA’S CITIES and natural beauty by bicycle can be even more relaxing when you use an electric bike. Regardless of what shape you are in or how steep an incline might be, the electric motor of the “Pedelecs,” as the electric bikes are called, kicks in automatically every time the user is pedaling against a lot of resistance. There are e-bike rental stations in all of FRANCONIA’S CITIES, with bicycles just waiting to be taken for a ride. Also, there are numerous charging and battery exchange stations along the trails to make sure cyclists don’t run out of juice.