Art and Music in the Park


Royal garden, sculpture garden, or botanical garden: Erlangen offers amazing greenscapes for you to discover, explore, and enjoy.

The Erlangen “Schlossgarten” is a green oasis right in the middle of town. The park was established in 1704 as a baroque garden. Today, the park is no longer strictly geometric in shape but has morphed into a landscape garden of the English style. The park comes to life during concerts in the summer: the “Schlossgarten” concert series, the “Schlossgartenfest”, and there is also a “Poetenfest”. The botanical garden of the University Erlangen-Nuremberg has enchanted visitors since 1802 with displays of flora from all over the world. The sculpture garden “Heinrich Kirchner” at the Burgberg showcases Erlangen’s artistic side.

A Sanctuary for Blooming Rarities

The “Lilien-Arche Erlangen” contains a unique collection of rare lilies, irises and “hemerocallis“. Plant lovers have 4000 m² to explore and like. The purpose of the sanctuary is to collect and propagate rare and endangered lilies and to pass on bulbs to interested gardeners. Also, at the sanctuary staff researches lost heirloom varieties and tries to find cultivars in other parts of the world. Guided tours are offered during blooming season from May through September.

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