Royal Heritage


Coburg is a town with four castles. German high nobility ruled the city for centuries and as a result, the town has beautiful parks and gardens as well.

High above town and visible from afar, is the proud Veste Coburg. Visitors to the castle reach it by walking through the royal garden the stretches all the way from the city to the castle. Giant, ancient trees and expansive meadows are the hallmark of the royal garden that locals consider the green heart of their city. The Coburg Rose Garden, on the other hand, is located in the suburb of Ketschenvorstadt. Here trails lead from a conference center to a palm house and a huge fountain. The rose beds and trellises are left over from the 1929 rose show that took place at this park. Two former summer residences of the dukes of Coburg are located a few kilometers outside of town. The Rosenau Castle is notable for its English landscape garden and the Callenberg Castle has a beautiful court and castle garden.


Parks & Gardens Coburg