Right in the City, Right in Nature: Parks and Gardens.


In Franconia, creating green spaces has history. Prince-bishops and margraves created many greenscapes for their enjoyment. Later, it was burgers strolling through expansive parks. Modern day botanical gardens are home to a large variety of plants from all over the world.

Parks and gardens continue to be hugely popular due to their size, beauty, and tranquility. But the parks also come to life during festivals, concerts, and exhibits. They are popular event venues for good reasons and each green space has its own unique flair. The following pages contain a list of the best parks and greenscapes right in FRANCONIA’S CITIES.


The love for gardens and green spaces has been deeply rooted in Franconia for centuries, and it extends beyond social class or income boundaries. The British Queen Victoria was one of the most prominent and ardent fans of Franconian horticulture. Victoria took a special liking to the gardens at the Rosenau Castle, the summer residence of the dukes of Saxonia-Coburg. To this day, the English-style gardens at the Rosenau Castle are a favorite destination for visitors from all over. Würzburg and Eichstätt also have parks and gardens that were established by royalty. Their prince-bishops commissioned magnificent Baroque and Rococo gardens around their summer residences. The margraves of Ansbach and Bayreuth were also known for their love of nature. Their gardens reflect their love for Mediterranean villas and southern plants. The castle grounds in Aschaffenburg also have a distinct South-of-the-Alps flair: fig and lemon trees remind of the Mediterranean coast. Nuremberg’s “Hesperiden” gardens have the Mediterranean theme already built into their name and the botanical gardens are full of green sculptures and edible plants. Eichstätt’s gardens are a menagerie of plants from Europe, Asia and the Americas that have been thriving there since the prince-bishops had them planted over 400 years ago. The botanical gardens in Erlangen and Bayreuth invite visitors on a stroll through different habitats from tropical rainforests all the way to Arctic tundra.

Music and Summer Nights

Franconia’s parks and gardens are the perfect venue for many events:

The “Mozartfest” in Würzburg takes place under the stars in the royal garden; the “Rosengarten-Serenaden” in Bamberg combine music with the scent of roses; and in Ansbach it’s the rustling sound of hoop skirts during the “Rokoko-Festspiele” that provides the sounds. Look for concerts, guided tours, and festivals that are just as unique as are the parks and gardens they take place in. Each space has its own charm, its own way to impress. The parks promise a wonderful outdoor experience. 


Parks & Gardens (43 matches)

  • altstadtfriedhof-aschaffenburg.jpg


    Güterberg 6-12
    63739 Aschaffenburg
    Tel.: +49 6021/35830
  • aromagarten-erlangen.jpg


    Palmsanalage 10 an der Schwabach
    91054 Erlangen
    Tel.: +49 9131/8522969
  • bastionsgarten-willibaldsburg-eichstaett.jpg


    Burgstraße 19
    85072 Eichstätt
    Tel.: +49 8421/4730
    Fax +49 8421/8194
  • biotopgarten-eichstaett.jpg


    Notre Dame 1
    85072 Eichstätt
    Tel.: +49 8421/9876-0
    Fax +49 8421/9876-54
  • botanischer-garten-erlangen---seerosenbecken.jpg


    Loschgestraße 1
    91054 Erlangen
    Tel.: +49 9131/8522969
  • botanischer-garten-wuerzburg.jpg


    Julius-von-Sachs-Platz 4
    97082 Würzburg
    Tel.: +49 931/3186240
  • buergerpark-bamberger-hain---festwiese.jpg


    96047 Bamberg
    Tel.: +49 951/871351
  • burggarten-nuernberg---luftaufnahme.jpg


    Am Ölberg 31
    90403 Nürnberg
    Tel.: +49 911/244659-0
  • rothenburg_burggarten.jpg

    Rothenburg o.d.T.

    91541 Rothenburg o.d.T.
    Tel.: +49 9861/404-800