In Anticipation of “Nachsommer”


In September, Schweinfurt celebrates its “Nachsommer” Festival at the SKF Industrie Halle 401. The factory hall provides the perfect stage for the event and it is a typical example of Schweinfurt’s love affair with unique concert venues.

Every year, the “Nachsommer” Festival features national and international music greats. The location SKF Industrie-Halle 401 is a symbol for the symbiotic relationship of culture and industry in Schweinfurt. The “Nachsommer” Festival, however, also offers concerts in venues other than the Industrie-Halle. For example the art gallery at the former public pool offers classical music, jazz, world music and poetry. Expect cultural events in Schweinfurt at the most unusual places, especially at the “Schweinfurt ver-rückt” event. For the street music festival “Pflasterklang” 18 squares in downtown Schweinfurt come to life with live music. The entire downtown area of Schweinfurt is transformed into an original, free music spectacle. Even bigger is the annual “Honky-Tonk.” For more than 20 years, this festival has been transforming Schweinfurt into a party mile of 40 outdoor music stages.