Outrageously Fun Music


The Erlangen Schlossgarten Concerts are some of most popular concerts in town. In the summer, the lake and the “Berg” are also popular concert venues.

Every year, thousands of spectators flock to the Castle for the Schlossgarten Concerts to enjoy a large variety of music in a very relaxing atmosphere. Aside from the castle garden, the castle “Berg” is another favorite green space in Erlangen, in part because there are a number of beer gardens here. The event “Klassik am Berg” brings together the town’s beer and music heritage beautifully. Another destination for relaxing summer music is the Dechsendorf pond, where you can enjoy two music events: “Jazz am See” and “Klassik am See.” A truly unique Erlangen concert series is “UnerHÖRT!,” a musical spectacle featuring classical pieces of the avant-garde.