Starlight Serenades


Aschaffenburg has some amazing concert venues: the Schönbusch Park, the Johannisburg Castle, the city theater, and Main River shoreline.

The concert series “Schönbusch Serenades” located in Schönbusch Park is one of the best musical events in Aschaffenburg. The reservoirs, “mountains,” the building replicas and small temples all combine to create a wonderful atmosphere for this summertime concert series. Also spectacular is the setting of the castle concerts. Historical flair can furthermore be experienced during the “Aschaffenburg Bach Days,” when the famous composer’s music is brought to life at concerts, musical church services and lectures. The “Aschaffenburg Guitar Days,” on the other hand, are dedicated to classical guitar music and young guitar talent. The meadows along the Main River come to life during the annual “Africa Caribbean Festival” and its amazing live concerts.

Castle Tower Carillon

The high art of the glockenspiel has a long tradition in Aschaffenburg. The carillon in the east tower of the Johannisburg Castle covers a sound spectrum of four octaves and it can be heard three times a day. To really enjoy the carillon, you should visit the “Carillon Fest”. Aside from carillon music, there are other concerts in the castle courtyard and chapel, and an art festival.