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Kulmbach is a picturesque and splendid town that is just the right size. Thomas Gottschalk, Germany‘s most popular talk show host, claims that his sunny disposition is the result of growing up in this idyllic, margravial city.

Towering above the city is the Plassenburg, Kulmbach‘s well-known symbol. The Plassenburg used to be the royalty‘s residence as well as a fortress, and it is one of the most impressive buildings in all of Franconia.

Inside, you can soak in the renaissance atmosphere and you can feel the power and influence of past rulers; the lords of the castle from Nuremberg and the Margraves of Brandenburg. Today, the Plassenburg houses four museums and has evolved into a cultural center of the Upper Main River region.

You can educate yourself about the Hohenzollern family in Franconia; then there is the army museum “Frederic the Great”; you can visit the German Pewter Figure Museum or the Natural History Museum Upper Main River.

When visiting Kulmbach, you can of course also pay tribute to the city‘s reputation as “secret capital of beer”. Each year, at the end of July, beer lovers enjoy and celebrate the Kulmbach Beer Week. They call it the fifth season. But Kulmbach is an attractive destination for beer lovers at any time of the year. The city is home to the Bavarian Brewery Museum at the Kulmbach Mönchshof and there are beer specials every day at one of the four local breweries.


  • Plassenburg
  • Army Museum and Pewter Figure Museum
  • Millenium Old Town
  • Bavarian Brewery Museum
  • Kulmbach Beer Week


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