The baroque-era synagogue in Bayreuth is the oldest synagogue still in service in Germany. A new mikveh was completed in 2013. The synagogue is a stop on the guided tour “Jewish Life in Bayreuth.” Across from the synagogue is the construction site for a new Jewish cultural and community center, complete with a ballroom, museum, tabernacle, kosher café, and a Talmud-torah school. The Jewish cemetery in Bayreuth contains almost 1000 gravesites that are only publicly accessible on November 9th during an offi cial tour. Always open is, however, the outdoor exhibit “Silenced Voices” below the Opera House. The exhibit is dedicated to Jewish artists of the Bayreuth music festival and their fates. You can also take a self-guided tour with the city brochure “Jewish Bayreuth.” Official city tours featuring the Jewish heritage of Bayreuth are available from April through November.

Synagoge Bayreuth