Bite into Legends


Nuremberg is legendary for its gingerbreads and bratwursts. The popular gingerbread is in high demand throughout the holiday season. The finger-sized Nuremberg brats on the other hand are enjoyed year-round.

The small sausages are only 7 to 9 cm long, but they are big in flavor. They are made from 100% pork seasoned with oregano. Thanks to their compact size, three of them neatly fit inside a bun, a local specialty lovingly called “Drei im Weggla.” Traditionally they were served on tin plates and they still taste wonderful with sauerkraut, potato salad, or horseradish. The “Original Nuremberg Rostbratwurst” is a registered trademark in the EU, as is the “Nuremberg Lebkuchen.” Any gingerbread sold under that trade name has to originate from within the Nuremberg city limits.

Red Beer from the Underworld

Nuremberg’s over 700 year-old beer-brewing traditions are full of curiosities. There are beer inspectors, winter beers, and historic brewery signs that can all be explored during guided tours, at beer samplings, and at any of the historic brewpubs in the former Free Imperial City.

The “Nuremberg Red Beer” enjoys a special place in the beer history of this city. This bottom-fermented beer has been brewed here since the early Middle Ages. The beer gets its dark, luminescent appearance from the barley malt used. In 1597 AD, there were 35 breweries in Nuremberg producing this red beer. While not as big, the red beer scene is still alive and well in modern day Nuremberg. However, today there is only one brewery in town still making the historic brew: the “Hausbrauerei Altstadthof” located right at the foot of the castle mountain. A visit to the “Altstadthof” is not only worth its while because of its signature red beer, the major attraction here are the historical, underground rock tunnels comprising of an entire labyrinth of storage cellars. At the end of your guided tour, enjoy a beer tasting complete with a hearty snack; both are included in the “Hops and Malt” tour package. Nuremberg’s beer brewing traditions and curiosities are best celebrated during a beer festival, such as the Franconian “Bierfest im Burggraben” or the “Altstadtfest”.

Sweet Christma treats

Franconia’s most famous Christmas treat is the Nuremberg Lebkuchen or gingerbread. The exact recipe is a well-kept secret of the local gingerbread bakers. All we know is that the ingredient list contains nuts, almonds, honey and spices.

Red Beer and Blue Tips

Why is the “bratwurst” called “bratwurst?” What makes the Nuremberg gingerbread different? What is the meaning of “devil’s kitchen”? Find answers to these and many more culinary questions during this guided tour that includes taste samples.


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    Events all about beer


    Fränkisches Bierfest

    June 19th, 2019 - June 23rd, 2019

    Beim Fränkischen Bierfest im herrlichen Ambiente des Nürnberger Burggrabens schenken 40 einheimische Brauereien hier über 100 köstliche Bierspezialitäten aus.