Special Gourmet Tours

Carp is front and center in Erlangen’s cuisine. The fish is harvested from fishponds in the Aischgrund area just to the west of town.

The Aischgrund is full of natural fishponds that have always provided ideal growing conditions for carp. Aischgrund carp is only served in months containing an “r,” as in from September through April. The other months of the year still provide opportunities for culinary explorations, however, such as the guided tours “Erlangen Gourmet Tour” and the “Erlangen Taste Tour.”

Beer Bliss at the “Berch”


The Erlangen “Bergkirchweih” beer festival is the oldest beer fest in the world and locals take participation in this historic event, lovingly called the “Berch,” seriously.

Every year, thousands of visitors make the trek to the castle mountain for the “Bergkirchweih”. The beer cellars that were dug into the rock below the castle in historic times used to hold the locally brewed beers before refrigeration was available. So locally brewed beer was best consumed right there, at the entrance to the cellars. Today, the cellar locations are where Erlangen celebrates its beer festivals. Guests can enjoy cold, fresh beers, such as the “Festmärzenbier,” as well as Franconian foods under giant chestnut trees. Other festival entertainment includes rides, raffles, and shooting galleries. Thankfully, enjoyment of Erlangen’s liquid gold is not limited to the “Bergkirchweih” festival. Two breweries supply the city year-round and you can sample local brews at inns, during brewery tours, and also during other beer-themed and living-history tours about beer. Also noteworthy are special packages, such as the “Bier-Pauschale” and the “Erlanger Bier-Erlebnis.”

The Erlangen Brewery Trail

There are 19 informational displays along the Erlangen Brewery Trail. Learn about historical and current breweries: There were about 18 breweries in Erlangen 150 years ago and the city was the largest Bavarian exporter of beer. Beer from Erlangen was shipped throughout the German empire, but also to foreign countries. In North America, “Erlanger” was synonymous with good imported beer. The trail starts at the old town, the site of most historic breweries, and takes you past numerous important beer-historical locations all the way to the malt house “Klostermalz” in the suburb of Frauenaurauch. Several of the locations along the trail still welcome visitors to sample Erlangen’s liquid gold.


Culinary Events in Erlangen