Golden Kisses

In Coburg you can choose between hearty tastes or the seduction of sweets that are literally covered in gold.

The hearty options include, first and foremost, the Coburg bratwurst, a 30 cm long monster of a brat. But aside from its superior size, it’s the taste that really makes this sausage stand apart: the Coburg brat is cooked over a fire made from pinecones! The second, uniquely Coburg delicacy is the creation of a baker to the royal court. The “Coburger Schmätzchen” is a small honey gingerbread cookie that allows a gentleman to give a kiss to the lady of his heart – a “Schmätzchen” is a kiss in colloquial German. Especially refined are the “Goldschmätzchen” that are covered in chocolate icing decorated with real gold leaf. To get a feeling for how much Coburg’s citizens love to indulge themselves, visit the annual “Schlossplatzfest” on the castle square. It is the biggest gourmet party in northern Bavaria.

Active Beer Exploration

Coburg offers great beer experiences. Eight breweries are scattered throughout town and they all produce unique beer specialties. Coburg is also known as a hub for active beer explorations.

Coburg is a stop on the 9-km long “Fuhrmanns-Trunk-Weg” (coachman’s drink trail). The trail connects the Röden Valley, Oeslau and Coburg. Cyclists also get to pedal from brewery to brewery on the 45-km long “Wildpark-Brauereien-Radtour” that starts in Coburg and goes through the towns of Gesslach, Heiligersdorf, and Rattelsdorf.

Sweet Christmas treats

Coburg’s traditional honey gingerbread cookies are known as “Schmätzchen,” or small kisses. Myth has it that a local gingerbread maker created and named them as a compliment to the ladies. You can eat them in their original form or gentrified and covered in gold leaf, a.k.a. “Goldschmätzchen.”

Culinary Events in Coburg (1 matches)

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    Culinary events


    Coburger Klößmarkt

    August 30th, 2019 - September 1st, 2019

    Der Coburger Sommer klingt traditionell und kulinarisch mit dem Coburger Klößmarkt aus. Ein Wochenende lang den Coburger Rutscher mit verschiedenen Braten und in allerei Variationen untermalt mit dem Musikprogramm auf dem historischen Marktplatz genießen.
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