A Taste of the South


Aschaffenburg is blessed with such a mild climate that you can grow kiwis and figs here. This unique microclimate has had an unmistakable impact on the local cuisine and you can discover that on a self-guided tour called “Discovering the South.”

This self-guided tour explores all the Southern influences that have shaped this city, including the “pompeianum,” a replica of an ancient Roman villa. Also worth considering are guided, culinary tours that include a Roman meal and cooking classes teaching Southern European cuisine.

Aschaffenburg’s claim to fame is the highest density of pubs in all of Bavaria

Aschaffenburg is famous for specialty beers, such as the “champagne beer,” and the “Schlappeseppel,” the town’s most famous pub and award-winning beer of the same name.

The story goes that a limping fellow first brewed the “Schlappeseppel” in 1631 by the order of the Swedish King Gustav Adolf; hence the name. You can get the “Schlappeseppel” fresh on tap in over 50 pubs throughout town. If you want to learn more about the history, visit the “Schlappeseppel” Brewery Museum.

Tipsy Tours

Take your pick: Beer, Franconian wine, or apple cider. Aschaffenburg has it all plus a guided city tour that elucidates the role of alcohol production and consumption throughout the centuries.