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When the snow starts falling, muffling all sounds, Rothenburg ob der Tauber’s medieval old town gets cloaked in soft lights and a special charm. Since the 15th century, advent has been celebrated here with a wonderful Christmas market.

The mythical figure of the Rothenburg “Reiterle” is the namesake for the Reiterlesmarkt. Nobody knows exactly where or how the story of the “Reiterle” originated. Historically, he was considered a messenger from a different world who could be seen in winter, riding through town with the souls of the deceased in tow. People used to be afraid of the “Reiterle,” but today, adults and children look forward to his sight at the Reiterlesmarkt. The “Reiterle” belongs to the Reiterlesmarkt just as hot, mulled wine, old-fashioned, German Christmas cookies, and arts and crafts. The town hall tower is the best place to get a nice view of the market booths surrounding the town hall and on the market square. By the way, it’s always Christmas at the German Christmas Museum in Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

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    Christmas markets and -events

    Rothenburg o.d.T.

    Rothenburger Reiterlesmarkt

    November 30th, 2018 - December 23rd, 2018

    Zum Jahresende präsentiert sich die Stadt für Romantiker von ihrer schönsten Seite. Eingebettet in die malerische Kulisse zwischen Rathaus und St. Jakob gilt der Reiterlesmarkt als einer der reizvollsten Weihnachtsmärkte Deutschlands. Das separate Programmheft erhalten Sie beim Rothenburg ...
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