Romanticism and a Christmas Pyramid


The centerpiece of the romantic Ansbach Christmas Market on the Martin-Luther-Platz and the Montagelas Platz is an impressive Christmas pyramid.

The historical churches Saint Gumbertus and Saint Johannis frame the market and you can look forward to romantic bonfi res, arts and crafts, Christmas ornaments, mangers, candles, and many gift ideas. A comprehensive cultural program including literature and music presentations in the cozy “Café Wagon” compliments the market. The one thing you should not miss is the Christmas exhibit at the “Stadthaus” featuring curiosities, such as a model train, a carousel, and a curling ring. 

Christmas Lights City Tour

For a total immersion into Christmas in Ansbach, don’t miss the guided tour “Ansbach Christmas Lights” or tag along with the city’s night watchman when he goes on his nightly tour.

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    Weihnachtsmarkt Ansbach

    November 26th, 2020 - December 24th, 2020

    Zwischen den beiden stadtbildprägenden Kirchen St. Johannis und St. Gumbertus findet seit jeher der Ansbacher Weihnachtsmarkt statt. Eine Schmiedeweihnacht und der Barocke Weihnachtsmarkt sorgen an den Wochenende für eine zusätzliche Attraktion. Liebevoll gestaltete Buden, offene ...
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